Antivirus Pioneer Avast Launches Web Browser With YouTube Downloader

Avast, the antivirus giant has launched a Chromium-based web browser with a VPN, a built-in ad blocker, and a YouTube Downloader. The company seems to be unsatisfied, simply sitting in the background and protecting PC from malware.

Hence, the new product. Known as the Avast Secure Browser – the product is quite different from Avast SafeZone browser, which is an isolated browser window designed to operate in insecure environments.

Chromium-based browser

For most people who are accustomed to Google Chrome, Avast Secure Browser will not free out of place. It uses Chromium as its base, adds some add-ons and tweaks to make it an Avast-branded secure browser.

avast securezone

Google Chrome has some serious privacy issues, which makes Chromium better any day over Google Chrome. Google Chrome has also be dubbed as a legitimate trojan by some Chromium developers because of Google’s aggressive data collection policies. Avast cuts down on those data collection but still does not make a 100% bulletproof browser.

What Avast does is add a whole lot of their own plugins that aims to secure the browser some more. Other than that, it looks, feels and ever performs similarly to Google Chrome.

The Security Features

Like the most standard browser, the Avast Secure browser comes with an Adblocker. The adblockers take care of annoying and malicious ads that can often lead to infected PCs.

Having a secure browser takes some load off the antivirus program you are using. It also comes with an Anti-phishing, anti-tracking and a stealth mode option.

These features ensure that you stay safe online. An HTTPS encryption module ads Avast’s own personal certificate for HTTPS encryption.  You also get a password manager too.

avast browser security

Most of these features can be downloaded as add-ons from the Chrome Web store. However, with Avast Secure Browser, these are enabled by default and are from a reputed vendor.

Recently, it was discovered that a lot of ad blocking add-ons on the Chrome Web Store were malicious. So, if you do not know which add-ons to use for better security, you can simply get the Avast Secure Browser.

You also get the Avast SecureLine VPN with the browser. The addon requires the VPN to be installed on your Windows PC. Obviously, the VPN is a premium feature and to use it, you need a subscription.

A YouTube Downloader

Since Avast wants to be in the center of the experience while also protecting it, Avast also included a YouTube Downloader.

It is quite a handy add-on for those who regularly visit YouTube but are tired of the ads. A YouTube downloader addon also helps in slow connections, where you can download the video in the best quality and watch it offline.

YouTube Downloader

It does not have any security benefits though. Moreover, downloading videos from streaming sites is often against the terms of service of the site.

This can also lead to potential copyright infringement cases. The downloader is smart and easy to use. It can detect videos on a webpage and lists the available qualities you can download it in.

It can come quite handy if you want to rip a song from YouTube or take a large podcast series with you on a tour.