Backup and Disaster Recovery –  New Services by Datacentrix

How often have we lost our data in malicious attacks or due to any accident? And the major point we tend to forget is creating a data backup. Data backup helps us to restore our lost data or save our information on cloud. Datacentrix realized this as an opportunity and banked on it to be a virgin market. And it has been right.

What is this New Service?

Datacentrix has launched DRaaS, Backup and Data Recovery as a service facility. It provides pocket-friendly off-site cloud backups along with high level of data security and redundancy, As like Datacentrix there are many data recovery services firm which you can go for, so let’s focus on the Datacentrix new services. This service is aimed at helping local organizations manage huge chunks of data and keep them safe from malware and cyber attacks. This service works on the secret of 3-2-1-0. This means, three copies of data are stored in two media warehouses with one  off-site backup copy and zero is the time to restart operations.

The key to this service is that a business could have six copies of their data that is locally backed up onsite. While Datacentrix mirrors the data to its cloud along with the option of doing the same to its deep storage vault and additional tape.This data could be retrieved up to a decade. The offsite data backup could start in less than two minutes. Both the BaaS options, cloud and hosted, are highly flexible and available. This allows end-to-end data encryption. It also provides secure backup off-site with disaster recovery.

datacentrix backup recovery

Done the Right Way?

  1. This service utilizes two data centers of Datacentrix- Midrand, and Samrand. These data centers are connected with dual path fiber cables and have wireless failover as the backup.
  2. All the system including backup delivery, workloads, and recoveries are equally divided among the two centers.
  3. Datametrix provides the latest technology in data backup and protection to the local companies of all sizes. Customers can connect securely and directly to the data centers through the dedicated front-end firewalls.
  4. They can use their own line for the connection or use the internet with the protected login. In the process, data stays fully encrypted in each stage, beginning from the processing point to the backend.
  5. All the data remains in the borders of South Africa and the payment is flexible based on usage. Datametrix is an ICT Solution Company that delivers a value service to the corporates and public sector enterprises.
  6. They equip their partners with valuable suggestions and solutions aligning their business strategy with technology. Their new service aims at safeguarding the valuable data without taking the control of it.

Their in-depth knowledge of industry and technology makes them a perfect blend for such services. They are capable and strong with a lot of cloud backup and protection services to offer.