Vivaldi Launches A New V1.15 Web Browser | The Vivaldi Browser News

Vivaldi launched its new web browser which gives the users more control over the complete customization of the way the browser looks and feels and also add or enable features on the browser.

Keep The Appearance Like You Wanted

Vivaldi browser allows the users to show off their style and appearance with the Browser wide theming. The browser wide theming helps Vivaldi users to change and allow them to express themselves just like they want their browser to be presented.

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Vivaldi browser users also can choose to edit those themes and also schedule their themes based on timing, Whether if it was sunrise with the bright orange or yellow sunlight theme for morning or browser wide dark mode for the night.

So you can sleep peacefully without altering your regular sleeping schedule. You can schedule all your themes according to the time and your mood for the timings so you can have a pleasant browsing experience.

What is also new in this new Vivaldi browser version is the users can able to personalize the web browser by selecting their favorite image and setting that image as a background of the Vivaldi browser.

This personalization on Vivaldi’s browser with a background image helps you to do things differently on your own.

Like you can make your own art and put up as your background image to express your own sense of style and represent your unique identity.

Also, you can set up a repetition of images continuously with your favorite set of images and themes which can be made to continuously change.

You can actually customize this kind of pattern under settings and followed by toggling in the appearance option with this new feature.

More Practical Bookmarking

Bookmarking on Vivaldi browser doesn’t depend on a variety of extensions like other browsers. Vivaldi’s browser bookmarking is different from every other browser and offers so many ways to access those bookmarks.

Earlier versions of Vivaldi browser only depended on accessing from the Bookmark panel, The Speed dial, The bookmark manager and also the Bookmark bar.

But now starting from the version Vivaldi browser 1.15 you can now access all your favorite sites just from the main menu itself.

More Fixes And Improvements To The Tweaks

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Vivaldi browser is famously known for, various levels of deep inside customizations. The newer version of Vivaldi browser also gives more tweaks and customizations for improved browsing.

Improved Screen Capture Reliability

The Capture page feature is the greatest example to other browsers for the level of features Vivaldi is offering, Now this capture page feature will also allow the previous settings to existing by storing them, Instead of resetting the settings each time when you restart the browser.

This change will make the browser even more reliable now.

Full-Screen Mode

Vivaldi browser offers a full-screen mode which will minimize every distraction done during the browsing session. Now Vivaldi browser will let you access the address bar and also other useful toggles while in full-screen mode.

The Address bar and those toggles can be turned on while in full-screen mode using the keyboard shortcuts.

Improved Audio Quality

Vivaldi new browser version also brings quite a lot of fixes to HTML 5 audio related issues. Issues like Audio not playing or audio played at the wrong timing are fixed which is one of the major reasons why anyone should try the new browser.