Apple Mac Mini Bluetooth Problems & Solutions – Fix Them Immediately

Mac is probably one of the best contributions of Apple to this world. Along with immaculate features, it has the best operating system so far. While you will find competitors, but none can beat the ease of use and portability of Mac. However, the Bluetooth in the Apple Mac Mini seems to cause quite a lot of problems. Connectivity issues and errors in sending or receiving files are some of them.

Imagine trying to transfer music or pictures to your Mac via Bluetooth only to be encountered by an error message. How annoying can that be! Instead of hundreds of dollars on resolving this problem, try out the basic solutions to see if they work. Bluetooth error on Mac can issue due to various reasons. It is always advisable to detect the reason first and then proceed with the apt solutions.

Let’s find out what really happens when your Bluetooth in Mac is at fault.

Signs Of the Error

  • Maybe Bluetooth is not working properly.
  • The feature may be unable to connect with other devices.
  • There may be a problem like-audio hiccup. etc.

These signs denote that there’s a glitch in your Bluetooth device. It can arise due to many reasons. Some of them are-

Reasons Of the Issue

  • Too much-congested WiFi Network Series in a specific small area.
  • There can be the emergence of other radio spectrum signals.
  • Increasing Bluetooth cache can be a reason too.
  • Maybe your Bluetooth driver is old.
  • The Bluetooth maybe not in ‘discoverable mode’.

The above-mentioned point could be a source of this error. Now, the main thing is how to fix this. The following guidelines can help you resolve this issue-

Simple Methods to Fix Apple Mac Mini Bluetooth Device

To restore this Bluetooth issue, follow the methods-

1) Update the OS X

To do this follow the steps-

  • First, explore the Control Panel then hit on the Device Manager
  • Now, select the driver which you want to update
  • Next, go to the Driver tab and Update it.

2) Fix “Bluetooth not Available” Error on Mac

At first, close all the applications that are running. Now, try to fix this error by following this guideline-

  • Search for  ‘OS X Finder’. And there hit “Command+Shift+G”.
  • A box will appear. It is called “go to folder” box.  Then type in that box, “/Library/Preferences/”.
  • Next, find a doc named “” and remove it. If you have other files too with this exact extension, remove it too.
  • Now, get back to the desktop. And click on the ‘Apple menu’.
  • Next, choose the  ‘Shut Down’ option and hit on it.
  • Done with all these steps? If yes, then wait for a few minutes. And then try to sync your Mac to Bluetooth device.

If the above-mentioned guideline not able to restore the problem, then carry with the next step-

3) Reboot your SMC

SMC refers to, System Management Controller. To ‘fix Apple Mac Mini Bluetooth issues’ you can try to resolve it by rebooting the Mac. Now, how to do it? The procedure is as follows-

  • At first, take the help of ‘detachable batteries’ from the Mac.
  • Then, switch off your Mac and dismiss the battery.
  • Put off the power adapter aside.
  • Next, keep Pressing the power button for a few seconds.
  • Now, add the battery in your Mac and join it with power adapter.
  • Switch on your device.
  • At the last stage, reboot the mac.

Now, if are not aware of how to reboot it, then follow the points-

How to reset SMC?

At first, shut down your device to reset it. Then, peruse this steps-

  • Connect the adapter with the Mac.
  • Then, hit “Control+Shift+Option” keys and keep pressing power button for a while. After some time release those keys.
  • See, it’s booting automatically.

If you are still struggling with this error then try with this method too-

4) Reset The Bluetooth Configuration

If you are facing connection issue with the Bluetooth, then you can configure it. To set this you can opt for this option-

  • At first, go to ‘System Preferences’.
  • Then from there choose ‘Bluetooth’. And turn off it.
  • Now, explore the ‘terminal’ option.
  • Next, type this on the required place “sudo rm R/Library/Preferences/”. And press enter.
  • A box will appear, there type the password that you have set. And hit on ‘enter’ button.
  • Now, restart your Mac. (If you don’t know how to do it, then scroll up and read the procedures).
  • If it is restarted, then go back to the option ‘System Preference’.
  • Now, Choose ‘Bluetooth’ and turn on it.
  • Finally, try again to pair it or connect it with whom you want.

5) Clear Bluetooth Cache

  • First, select the Settings option and choose the ‘Application Manager’.
  • from the display system apps choose Bluetooth
  • Now, go to the Storage  and the clear the cache
  • Finally, go back to your space.

So, these were the solutions you can try to fix the Apple Mac Mini Bluetooth issue. We hope this article has helped you. However, if these solutions failed to help you out, feel free to dial  Mac Mini Support Number for reliable and effective solutions.